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The DLM-LOTT/G ,DLM 31-KSTS/MARK’s evolution, is the simple solution for the encoding of auto-adhesive labels outside the line, allowing a better flexibility under the productive/managing points of view.
The majority of “DLM” products uses common parts, allowing a remarkable save in spare parts.
All machine’s functions are managed and controlled by a Touch electronic programmer, capable of memorizing up to 100 programs. The machine is equipped with a fast stepper motor, granting therefore a precise and easy-to regulate process. Furthermore, is provided with a micro-toucher for the sticker reading, allowing the marking of all the auto-adhesive labels, transparent ones included.


Delta Service Automation offers a wide range of encoding variations, that allow to make all levels of encoding:

Cold Mark:

Commonly called “dry marking” where you carve cold the lot;

Hot Mark:

Where yhe lot can be carved or printed;


Laser marking (fiber, CO2, UV);


CIS system inkjet marking;

Thermal Inkjet:

TIS inkjet systems marking.

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