Markem Imaje 9750

Continuous Inkjet Marker

9750: The true value of innovation

The innovation you need. The experience you trust.

Markem-Imaje delivers flexibility and stability with our next generation model, the 9750. Backed by four-plus decades of building dependable inkjet printers, the breakthrough 9750 incorporates the best of past, present and future proof improvements so you can adapt easily to changing marketplace needs.

Meticulously engineered and qualified by the most modern methods, the 9750’s latest enhancements bring you:

  • Technology leaps grounded in time-tested industrial processes for maximized uptime, reduced maintenance.
  • Cutting-edge design with simplified UI and modular components for easy operation, maintenance or repair.
  • Clear, customizable, traceable codes that meet customers’ growing demand for supply chain visibility.


Advanced R&D backed by proven industrial processes and methods.

  • Intelli’Inks system ensures optimal coder performance and flexibility when coding different package materials.
  • Intelli’Swap technology streamlines mechanicals down to swappable modules.
  • Jet Speed Control technology automatically adjusts ink and printer variables to ensure drop placement, quality and code consistence. Every time.


More sustainable solutions-Long-term value and lower TCO.

  • Intelli’Swap modularity enables you swap out only the individual parts that need to be replaced and not the entire block.
  • Intelli’Design process and a portfolio of rigorously developed ink formulations help reduce consumable consumption and VOC emissions by up to 50% while improving operator safety, well-being and TCO.
  • Consumable-saving mode additionally reduces consumption and waste.


Convenience only a couple clicks away.

  • Remote services, including remote diagnostics, allow for a predictive analysis and therefore help maximize uptime, achieve OEE objectives.
  • Consumable and spare part supply through online portal.
  • Quick customizable 24-pin interface allows for easy integration in a 4.0 connected environment.
Markem 9750

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