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DLM-KsTS labeling machine series is composed of various formats, offering a simple solution to problems regarding autoadhesive labels application on products of every size and format. The majority of “DLM” products uses common parts, allowing a notable save in spare parts.
All machine functions are managed and controlled by a microprocessor inside the 3.5 Touch programmer, capable of storing up to 100 programs.
The already described labeling machines are equipped with a fast stepper motor, guaranteeing a precise and easy to control process.


Delta Service Automation offers a wide range of support structures (bases, columns, joints, therminals, moving tapes, etc…) that allows to install the labeling machines in various positions (horizontally, vertically, angularly, etc…) in relation to the transport system, of our supply or already existent, eventually.
Thermal transfer or thermal print groups of various performances and sizes can also be linked. Various optionals are furthermore available, of which pneumatic applicators, microtoucher for transparent labels, etc…
Our machines are also available in various configurations based on labels’ width.
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