Laser Marking


Keyence 3-Axis Laser Co2

C Series & ML-Z Series

Lasers CO₂ designed to mark with a special technology that provides an high efficiency and flexibility.


Wide range of model sand versions designed for various needs. The CO₂ lasers (C and ML-Z series) are designed to mark on metal, paper and PET, reducing perforation risks on containers even if very small and light. The C Series laser is more effective in high productive work places with cyclical marking. On the other hand, the ML-Z series, gives the best performance in flexible and dynamic places, where flexibility and simplicity play an important role. Both lasers are able to code and create crack lines on flexible packagings and they are also perfect markers for containers and packagings.


Wide range of accessories: smoke aspirator, support column, protection tunnel, photocells, encoder, alarms turret, etc. Modular design for an efficient integration of all lines of production. It offers also versatility, thanks to various configurable functions managed directly by the client:

C Series:

  • 3 compact and separated modules: controller, laser head and user interface.
  • Pointing diode and integrated laser power meter for an easy and focused diagnosis.

ML-Z Series:

  • 3 compact and separated modules: Controller, laser head and touch screen.
  • 3D marking with three-axis control designed for fast format changes with focus correction.


Encodes over 100.000 products/hour. Print performances with a superior marking quality, compared to market standards.
Marking that offers an excellent traceability aimed to reduce forgery risks.
Sources life increased of 30%, compared to market standards.

Keyence 3-Axis - Laser Co2

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