Labeling Lines


Labeling lines

Practical, flexible and dynamic solutions. Our labeling line guarantees a fast and precise label application. Integrable to pre-existing production lines, our labeling lines offer an easy and intuitive interface.
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Wrap around

  • Semi automatic
    It is ideal for the application of self-adhesive labels. Built entirely of steel ideal for the application of self-adhesive labels on cylindrical products. Built entirely of steel, it is equipped with a reel holder that accepts coils with a maximum diameter of 200 mm, ensuring a great working autonomy. The software allows you to store up to 40 different work programs by inserting in the program all the information of the label and the type of application, making the change format extremely fast.
  • MRU
    Wrap around wraparound labeling of the still product .
  • WA
    Wrap around wraparound labeling of the moving products.
  • Hybrid
    Wrap around labeling of the moving or still product.

Double face

  • Elliptical
    Ideal for elliptical products, bottles and, given the practicality, also allows the side labeling of rectangular products. Essential and compact.
  • Cylindric
    Machine under design.


Practical, flexible and compact lines for labeling from up, down and up and down simultaneously.

  • Up
  • Down
  • Up&Down
  • Trousse


Designed to label pallets on one or more sides, allowing the frontal or lateral labeling of the pallet using an industrial printer. It is possible to integrate the labeling line with multiple accessories according to the client’s needs.


Designed to your needs.

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